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Product Description

About photo book.

Photo book is called a collection album. And its also known as snap book. It means an album with moments customizes cover. Customization was available in covers. The photo book is a simple and very beautiful album. And they contain your best memories. The photo book is grateful and it’s known as the short album with an event description.

Customization in a photo book.

Yes, customization was available in a photo book. And it’s an amazing thing about the photo book. Because you can customize your cover as your wish. And make events memories in one album.

Photobook types, sizes, and quality.

Photobooks come in many types like couple books, instant photo books, memorable snap books, share books, you books and sizes was 6×6 with matte finish. And it’s come with 40.pages. And quality of photo book was beautiful and amazing and it’s also called love stories photobook.

Does photobook for giving as gifts?

Yes, photo book best for giving as gifts. Gifts events like birthdays, marriages, etc. And always you can decorate at your home.

General Questions

A photo book is a type of album.

Because the photo book contains a photo with special cover customization.

Yes, customization is available in the photo book because in the photo book you make what you want it’s your choice.

15-40 pages in photo book.

4×6, 6×8 etc. is the size of photo book.

It’s your choice photo book best or not. As my opinion photo book is perfect with customization.

Because photobook is collection of your love stories.

Snapbook is also called a photobook.

Yes, you can decor a photobook in home.

Birthday, family events, holidays, travel and more.

What is canvas frames?

Canvas frame is also called printed frames because in it photo print in canvas.

Does canvas frame come in 2d?

Yes, canvas frame will comes in 2d.

How did photo print in canvas?

In canvas photo print by ink jet technology.

Can we mount a canvas in wall?

Yes, you can mount canvas in wall.

Does canvas frame is expensive?

No, canvas frame is not expensive.

Can I mount a canvas frame on the wall?

Yes, you can mount canvas frame on the wall.

Does Canvas painting is best?

Yes, canvas painting is best on wall for make your wall special.

Does the print fade away?

Print is 100% fade resistant. No it won’t fade.